Sample Plumber Resumes

Plumber is a person who is responsible for installing sanitary system to the building manufactured. He installs the pipe and other plumbing accessories according to the blueprints prepared by the architectures. Plumbers are usually hired by plumbing companies, property management firms, schools and universities to make the sanitary system run in a smooth way. However there are some plumbers who work for themselves as private. They are skilled in installing heating and refrigeration units as well.

To be a plumber, it is not required to be a highly educated person. A high school diploma or equivalent is considered enough but professional courses and training is necessary to enter in this particular field. A plumber must have sound interpersonal and communication skills along with his professional expertise to interact with people at any level. The field of plumbing is very demanding and diversifying to survive in the competitive environment. The persons who have such skills to maintain the sanitary system with professional training can get opportunity to excel in this field. If you are interested to join the field of plumbing, you need to have sufficient information, training, expertise and then knowledge about writing a job winning resume according to your professional skills and practice. For this purpose, you can get online assistance in designing your resume with the help of sample resumes. By viewing these resumes, you can prepare your professional looking resume by your own self to get a sound position in the field of plumbing.

Here is a collection of Free Sample Plumber Resumes available online to help you write your own resume quickly.

Plumber Resume Sample – OpenOffice Templates

Here is a good looking Plumber Resume Sample created using OpenOffice Writer.

Plumber Resume OO

Plumber Resume Sample –

Here is another good looking Plumber Resume Sample created using MS Word.

Plumber Resume

legal job interview

Legal Job Interview Tips

Legal jobs are becoming more demanding. To get a job in law career, one has to pass through an interview and a field and written test also. People with strong augmenting, observation and convincing skills can find a better place in this career. If you are one of the people who have passed their education in law, you should step into the practical life by joining law job. Here are some important tips to go through an interview to hunt a legal job:

Enhance Personal Skills

legal job interviewYou should enhance all your job related skills as during the interview your skills will be checked. You may also need to demonstrate your skills in a test.

Prepare a List of Smart Questions

You are going for the interview for a legal job therefore your questions should be very smart. It means that you should ask planned questions if employer gives you a chance to ask about the organization or the related job. Planned questions will show that you have capability to better organize your ideas.

Dress Up in Proper Way

Legal job demands a formal personality in all aspects. Therefore when you go for a legal interview you should wear a very formal dress. Both male and female should be careful in the selection of dress and jewels.

First Impression

When you will enter the interview room, your first impression should be very professional with good attitude. All the interviewers will be looking at your ways to present yourself, your walking and greeting style will be observed, so try to give a best first impression.

Body Language

All legal jobs demand a very confident candidate and body movements are a way to show your confidence. But be careful that your gestures and postures should be relevant to the issue and supportive to convey as and what you are willing to utter. Your body language or gestures should not show your inner confusion.

Respond Carefully to the Questions

Answer all questions with much care; it gives you a chance to sell your personality. These questions may include why you want this job? What special skills you want to sell? How much you care for your future? All these questions will show your love for learning and changing.

Ask Questions

The employer will surely give you a chance to ask your questions so that you can show your deep observation and interests in company affairs. You should wait for the employer to give you time. Do not start salary discussion before the employer does and negotiate decently if the employer’s offer is not in accordance with your expectations..


Resume Templates: A Much Needed Resource

Everyone in the modern world as it exists today, needs to have a reasonable and respected job. But in the present era, it is not very easy to grab an opportunity and turn it into a success. This whole procedure requires a great deal of effort to be put up and achieve the ultimate desired job in a profession of choice. With an increase in the number of professions with the advancement in the modern society, the number of educated people and need of the jobs has also increased with the same pace, instead the need of jobs has increased at a faster rate than increase in the number of opportunities. This difference between the supply and demand chains has given birth to competition between the applicants on every level.

resume-templateNo matter how small or large a job post is, the competitors have to have a very strong effort. Anyone lagging in any criteria suffers and hence results in losing the job, one has applied for. The procedure for applying at any professional vacancy is almost same at every level which includes looking for vacant job posts, sending in your resume for a vacancy, appearing of tests sometimes and an interview most of the times. These important phases are to be carried out very responsibly, in order to secure the vacancy one is applying for.

Since not all of the people are taught business and technical related writings, so they lag basic writing skills, which is a draw back for such people and indeed an edge for those who are better at writing and have good communication skills. The story does not end here, as you know, since human beings are always creating solutions for their self-created problems, the solution to the resume writing problem has also been presented. The writing experts and trainers have created pre-designed templates to help such people. This indeed is an oasis in the desert for people who lack writing techniques. The resume templates are ready-made documents, where the applicant can easily put up the bio-data and all related details quite easily. This helps many people who might be confused about how to write their resume and what format they should deploy while applying for job post related to their field of expertise.

Resume templates are quite easily available on the Internet on several websites, where people can easily choose from a huge list of professions to write a resume for. They then are provided a pre-designed resume, where they can put up their details like name, age, qualification, experience and several other details, which are the employers’ demand, for the selected profession. These resume templates are created by experts who have a vast experience of writing and they also know what an employer of specific profession needs to know about their new employee.

The templates are indeed a great effort done by the professionals. It helps the users in saving time while writing, editing, formatting and designing a resume and also helps them to only create a powerful resume instead of adding useless details. Most of these templates are free of cost, but a few people might want the users to contribute a little, may be for meeting their website’s expenses..


Using Resume Templates Effectively

There is no misunderstanding in the fact that a resume is something that introduces you to a complete stranger without you speaking any word for yourself. It’s a documented form of applying for a job which is recently opened in an office or company. It’s a misconception that the resume is the one thing that gets you a job because the key purpose of a resume is just to get you an interview which is the most important thing in this procedure. Research shows that only 30% of the applicants get call for an interview where other 70% get rejected only because their resumes weren’t interesting or attracting. A resume template in simple words it is the way you present yourself in front of the employer. It includes the division of various sections, format of resume, font style and color and the length of the resume. If you want to have a good first impression on the recruiter, you have to choose a perfect template for your resume. Here are some templates which you can adopt effectively according to your situation.

  • Resume-Writing2Chronological Template:
    this is a way in which you discuss all of your jobs and educational history by starting with the most recent job you had and the most recent degree or diploma you have earned. This way you discuss each and every related work you’ve had in the past and go up to the first job you had as a teenager but only if it’s relevant to the job you are applying for. Now it’s the most usable template out there but that doesn’t qualify it to be used in every situation or at every job. This means you can only use this template when your employer has asked to list your previous employment history otherwise, use some other format.
  • Functional Template:
    A functional resume emphasizes on your expertise, skills and abilities you have earned or gained at your previous jobs but it doesn’t want you to discuss your previous employment history. This way you discuss your achievements, accomplishments, the awards you have won because of your performance and the appreciation you received from your supervisor or employer. Now this template is used when you can’t provide any references or any proof of your previous employment but your abilities and skills will prove that you are the employer has made a good decision by choosing you.
  • Combination Template:
    here in this format you discuss your skills and abilities at the top of the resume and then later you talk about your previous jobs and employment history. This way you provide a brief overview of your previous years. This template can be used for most of the jobs and it certainly fulfills the requirement of almost every job application but that doesn’t mean you can choose it every time you send out a resume. There are some conditions that this format doesn’t fulfill which doesn’t make it a one for all type.
  • Targeted Template:
    it’s a resume which is used when you don’t have much experience related to the job you are applying for and you want to highlight that short know-how as a major part of your employment history. Writing this template is not a piece of cake and only a few people use it in some very special conditions as it takes a very expert man to write a targeted resume. But that doesn’t mean if you have little experience you use this kind, you can certainly qualify for a lot of other templates too so there is no need to waste a lot of time on this format.
  • Nontraditional Template:
    unlike other formats, this format includes your photo, other images like your portfolio and any other essential visuals. This is a special type which is used if you are applying for a job which needs to see you work or your personality such as acting, graphic designing or photography. Now in this situation when you are required to provide your sample work or your photo with the resume, you can’t use any other template and apparently you can’t use this type to send an application for any other type of job either.



Importance of Resume in Job Search

A resume is something that presents you in front of an employer or recruiter and it’s the first impression that shows you and your personality to a stranger. It’s a common thing that you get fired from a job and employed by another employer and this process keeps on going throughout your life time. A resume is a detailed document which describes or explains the expertise and experiences of an individual and helps the recruiter to filter the incoming applications for a job vacancy. It includes the education, experiences, skills, abilities, basic personal information and objective for the future of an individual. Sometimes a resume is also referred as a CV but it’s a misconception as the two are totally different in some ways. Unlike a CV, the resume is only one page and includes the most important or essential elements but in some special or particular cases, it can also contain an extra page.


find-a-jobIt’s explained above that when you hear about a job opening in an office, you apply for the job by sending a resume. This is why it’s important that the resume you are sending out, present the real you and all your expertise so that the recruiter or interviewer doesn’t have to look for the hidden skills and in a single glance, he finds out the real you. In professional language, we say that resume is a documented process through which you sell yourself to a stranger. You can’t personally convince the employer that you are the best option available for the job but your resume can certainly do so. Most of the people think that resume is just a simple thing that anyone can create or prepare but actually it’s an art to create a resume that persuades the reader to find more about you and your personality. It’s a way to present those things about you which force the reader to find out more about you and meet you in person.


It’s also a big misconception that the resume gets you the job but actually the one and only purpose of a resume is to convince the recruiter to call you for an interview which doesn’t happen for a lot of applicants. A research shows that when there is a vacancy in some office, if 100 people apply for the job through their resume, only 30% of them are called for an interview and only 5% of them are called for another more detailed interview. It doesn’t mean that the other 70% are not eligible for the job or they don’t qualify for the criteria but the thing is that their resumes didn’t present them as it should had. This is another reason why your resume should be more than just a piece of paper. It’s not a good act to copy paste the contents of a previous application which you made for a totally different kind of job as you should always create an entirely new resume by thoroughly understanding the job description and recruiter’s requirements.

Now a days it is very easy to find out several online sample resume sites and get a quick view as how your resume should look like. If you want your resume to be one of a kind, you have to spend more time with it. I am not suggesting you to ask it to be your girl/boy friend but you should bond with your resume. Consider each and every step you take and think of every word you put in it. There is a different approach which tells you to keep the interviewer in your mind as you create your resume. This way you don’t include the things you want to discuss but the details the other person wants to hear. Also you should ask someone else to read it for you and also ask him to feel the resume and its contents as it should attract the reader and convince him to read more until the last word..


Importance of Resume Format and Layout

Most of people think of it as a common task which can be done with minimum supervision and absolutely no expertise but writing a resume is like an art. It sound easy but it’s actually a very tricky job which needs hours of consideration and total dedication of your thoughts and imagination. A resume is something that presents you in front of someone and speaks for you when you can’t even say a word in your favor. This is why your resume should be one of a kind which will introduce you in a way that the reader gets to know the real you. In this process the most important and an essential thing to consider is to choose a perfect format of your resume.


resumeThe format of a resume includes the number of pages, division of various sections, choosing a font style and writing color and some other elements. It’s not enough that you have great experience and your references will talk you up like a real talented person because you will get to present all that if you get an interview which mainly depends upon the style and format of your resume. To present yourself in the exact way you want, you have to design the resume or arrange various kind of information is such a way that the reader doesn’t have to look deeply for anything or process it harder to find the real purpose of adding such a lengthy paragraph. The trick is that you should create the resume or choose the template by keeping the reader in the mind as you won’t be there to explain it to him or to tell him where to find a specific content. So let your resume show it to him in a way it’s supposed to be and exactly like you will would it to if you were the reader or the employer.


There are many formats available for writing a professional resume such as reverse chronological, functional, combination, targeted resume, mini resume and nontraditional resume. All these types vary and used in different circumstances or particular conditions. For example if you have just got your graduation diploma, you can’t choose the professional format because it’s for those who have great experiences or you can’t use chronological format if your employer didn’t ask you about your previous work history. This way you can understand that it’s very important to choose a perfect format and the most suitable layout for your resume. Many of the resumes get rejected not because the applicant doesn’t qualify for the position but because he uses such a format that hides all his qualities and the employer or recruiter just sees the childish or wrong format he used which gets him rejected.


No matter how much experience you have, or if you topped the institute you studied in or you have received many awards for your performance and abilities, you can’t convince a recruiter or the employer to hire you if you don’t use the proper format and layout. It’s a common habit that people and especially the recruiter who has to process hundreds of resumes on regular basis, can’t dedicate more than 8 seconds to a resume which is not enough if you want to discuss everything in detail. This is why you have to make various sections or choose a format with separate portions for each kind of information such as basic information, contact details, educational history, previous employment history and skills or abilities you have. This way it’s easier to examine and a reader can understand or find everything in just a single glance..


How To Select Best Resume template for Your Desired Job

resume-selectionPeople think that the resume format is the color scheme or design and font you select to create this document where actually it’s much more than that. Along with the theme of your resume and the colors you choose for the words, template is what you want your resume to look like, how many sections you want to make and how you are thinking or arranging those sections. Sometimes it happens that you surely qualify the job requirement but the way you arranged the sections or portions in your resume wasn’t acceptable by the recruiter or he had to concentrate more thoroughly to find the important stuff like your education and expertise as you hid them in a pile of useless information. Resume is a documented way to present you in front of a stranger and it should present you in the exact way you wanted it to. To do so, you have to design it or arrange various kind of information is such a way that the reader doesn’t have to look deeply for anything or process it harder to find the essence of anything. The trick is that you should create the resume or choose the template by keeping the reader in the mind as you won’t be there to explain it to him or to tell him where to find a specific content. So let your resume show it to him in a way it’s supposed and exactly like you will want it to if you were the reader or recruiter.

There are many formats or template of a resume in the market which varies according to the job type, application criteria and the experience the applicant has. Some of those templates are as following:

  • Reverse chronological: it’s the most acceptable way of writing a resume. It includes all the information like education and experience in a way that you discuss the most recent job at the top and then go back up to the first job you had.
  • Functional: in this type, the applicant explains what he or she can do if the recruiter hires them instead of their past accomplishments or achievements.
  • Hybrid (combination): it’s the combination of the two above mentioned types where you first discuss your past achievements and then explain what you are planning to do on this job if you get it.
  • Professional: it’s the most acceptable and a high profile way to write a resume. In this way you make a resume which includes 3 to 5 pages and concentrates on your experiences and the professional education and diplomas you have earned. As it’s clear from the name, it’s the choice of people who’ve had many jobs over the past few years and consider themselves as the expert of their career.
  • Linear resume: in this type, you use short but precise words and sentences and don’t explain anything. This way the resume includes one to two pages and the reader or recruiter immediately gets what you are trying to tell him without going deep into the words and paragraphs.

These are some types of kinds of templates that are common out there and you can choose whatever suits you the best. For example if you have great experience in the field and you think you can handle an entire division all by yourself, you can choose professional or reverse chronological template which highlights your expertise and previous achievements. But if you have just got your graduation diploma and don’t have any past experience, you should choose an academic template which emphasizes on your education and the diplomas you have earned. Although it’s not a professional way to advise you to choose a template but we have just provided you some options which you can adopt according to your own situation and the job requirement..


Tips for Product Manager Resume Writing

An Outlook of Product Management Resume ought to be drafted properly. It must include all of the crucial areas such as career achievements, skills, knowledge, knowledge, references and objective statement.

The task description of Management Resumes will be to undertake all of the tasks associated with product development. The jobs completed for product development such as advertising for the product, pricing strategies and promotion among these products.


Right here, we offer you some helpful directions which are to be followed while composing your very own Product Management Resume:

• The resume should be well arranged. It should consist of contact details and post which you want to apply for. The resume ought to consist of contact details at the start.

• The objective statement ought to consist of at minimum three to four phrases. It should not be very long. Integrate details about the position you will be applying for and quickly summarize your skills and knowledge.

• The ideal platforms and this can be useful for writing this resume could be functional or chronological structure. You can make use of any of these platforms based on your specific tastes and demands.

• The abilities section ought to integrate details about your talent related to the post you need to apply for. Remember to stay away from detailing most of the irrelevant abilities that are perhaps not necessary for the work position applied. It’s also wise to emphasize all your unique abilities a part of this section which would wow the recruiter.

• You can easily search internet based and find out information on writing a director of product administration resume. A lot of web pages will additionally give you resume for trial manager of item administration which are often utilized as guide for composing your very own resume.

• The training section should list details on knowledge and training you’ve got finished. The details offered in this section ought to be in reverse chronological purchase.

• The feeling part ought to include details about the sooner jobs which you have done. List details such as job obligations, title of the company, place and duration of time in this section. The information and knowledge a part of this section should be very carefully written since it is the essential vital part into the application.

• You can easily browse online and discover details on writing a director of product administration resume. Many sites will also offer you resume for test manager of item management and this can be used as research for writing your very own resume.

• The training section should record details regarding education and education you have completed. The details offered in this part ought to be in reverse chronological purchase.

• The parts contained within the guide should be professional ones. Eliminate including private or unimportant references into the resume..

nurse interview

Nurse Job Interview Tips

Nursing is a noble and respectable profession. Nurses are employed to serve the ill people, so they should be very kind hearted, polite and energetic. Interviews are held to check the abilities of candidates either they are able for this job or not. So it is a chance to prove and reveal the capabilities, skills and qualification to the employer. There are number of responsibilities, which a nurse has to fulfill. Interviewer would check and estimate the qualities and skills of the applicant in this regard.

nurse interviewApplicants for nursing job must be well prepared for the interview. They should be prepared for all kind of possible duties to be assigned. Here are some important tips provided to the candidates who are exploring their career in nursing. They should go through the following tips for convenience before they go for interview:

  1. Preparation

Prepare yourself before the interview. Make a list of questions that you expect from the interviewer and speak the answers of those questions thoroughly, so that you would be able to answer the interviewer promptly and correctly.

  1. Prepare for General Job Related Questions

There are a lot of sources available to guide candidates for preparing interview related questions. Interviewer can also ask you open ended questions to check your communication skills. You must be prepared for those questions. Some sample questions are given below:

How you will assist a senior doctor?

How you will treat with difficult patients and their families?

Explain your skills to take care of a serious patient?

Describe your past experience and achievement?

  1. Show Punctuality

A doctor or a nurse should be very punctual because sometimes they have to work for long hours even after their duty hours. You need to show your punctuality by reaching on time or before time. It gives a good impression on interviewer.

  1. Speak Politely

Speak very politely and do not speak rudely or loudly. The interviewer must observe your speaking style because you would be appointed to serve the sick people and they need care and love. So you should be very polite and caring.

  1. Use Examples

During interview you need to give example. It means you should try to relate your answer with you past work or achievements. It leaves a good impression on the interviewer and he would be able to know about you in detail.

  1. Use Body Language

During interview, the use of body language is very good but you should use the body language carefully. Your postures and gestures should be correct. It is a best way of conveying you answer. It also shows your energy and keen interest. You need to make sure that your gestures are good and impressive.

  1. Dress Professionally

A candidate for a nursing job should be simple and decently dressed. Your dress should be very professional. Do not wear heavy jewelry. Have a look on you hair and nail before going for interview. You must be very clean and neat.

  1. Show Interest

Show great interest by making question from the interviewer but your questions must be reasonable and relevant. You should not ask irrelevant question to the interviewer. Prepare a list of questions before the interview. A skilled and qualified interviewer must give you chance to ask your question and it show your interest in discussion.

  1. Expose Good Manners

You need to impress the interviewer with your manners and professional attitude. The good and deep observer interviewer must observe your manners in respect to your sitting, speaking style etc. You should not interrupt the interviewer at all.

  1. Miscellaneous

There are also some other points by following which you can create good impression to the interviewer. You can handshake with the interviewer as it shows your confidence. You must keep eye contact with the interviewer and avoid creating any kind of disturbance or noise during interview..


Database Administrator Salary Average in USA

Skilled Database Administrator professionals earn $65,600 average annual salary in United States.

Though there was not a faster job growth of database administration jobs in the past years. But as the internet and e-commerce will continue to expand, database administration jobs will also grow with their scope as they will need a continuing demand to build and maintain databases. With rising growth of job rates of DBAs, the information technology sectors have become mature. DBA services are also outsourced oversea for its increasing demand in USA. An individual can get an appropriate job opportunity for DBA position with related experience and professional skills.

databaseEmployers prefer mostly college degree in computer science, information science or management information system. Associate’s degree is not enough for the job of database administrator. Something that can raise your salary rate is strong knowledge of ORACLE and years of experience close to the hiring industry standard. Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree is preferred by the employers most. The professionals having Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) or Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA) hold more value to the hiring authorities and it adds to their salary rates.

According to a study of different sample data conducted by US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Database Administrator job is the 8th highest paid field from all jobs under the category of Computer and IT. They earn about $65,600 annual average. In addition to their base salary, they also gain other benefits in form of bonus and profit sharing that raise their average income. The following table will be helpful in negotiation for the US locations.

Level Salary Rate
Median Average
Database Administrator $75,362 – $97,915 $86,855
Oracle Database Administrator $87,470 – $107,235 $97,910
Database Administrator Manager $96,254 – $121,680 $110,680
Client/Server Database Administrator $82,444 – $101,860 $92,370